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Although the purpose of education has evolved according to the needs of society, at the current stage of globalization, the trend also includes a domain of world-needs to introduce and retain the country as one of the strongest chair in the round table. In this sense, the university is not only to build a literal society; rather its role is to work as a generator-house of knowledge which would equip and build its students as leader of respective domain with latest knowledge as well as developing the realization of humanity and feel of responsibility.

Apparel:An Overview

In July-October period of the current fiscal year, export earnings from the readymade garment sector sent up by 20.08% to $11.33 billion, which was $9.43 billion in the same period last year, according to Export Promotion Bureau (EPB) data released today.
The sector has exceeded the export target set for the period. The earnings from the sector were 11.50% higher than the target of $10.16 billion set for the period.


BIBT was founded on an agenda of social responsibilites to provide higher education to all.Since higher education is the most effective tool to meet today’s diversified social challenges including population explosion, illiteracy, poverty, food insecurity, and depleting naturally endowed resources while, side-by-side, entrepreneurship, leadership, and good governance in the society. It is a key to intellectual growth that allows one to develop new models and standards and to be guided by strong moral reasoning, ethics, dignity, and enthusiasm.



The world is advancing very rapidly & to cope with this advancement we have taken the responsibily & initiative to build ultra creative citizens by providing them professional degrees who will build our nation for the brighter future.
Our curriculum is designed in a manner so as to allow the students to develop inter- personal skills in the form of presentations, debates, business managements, fashion shows etc. Assignments are also attempted in the form of huge paper work, demo audits,  poster presentations, fabric sample collections, trims & accessories collection, Dyeing & printing practical, marketing & promotion and so on. There are also obligatory Internship set by the National University.
Our faculty and staff provide a constant commitment to our students throughout their studies and they are working very hard relantlessly for the improvement of the students career. We believe that, our passionate, talented, ambitious, open, creative and innovative students are our institutes greatest asset.We are proud to train tomorrow’s leaders and we look forward to welcoming you to our institution.
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